This 2023  Glocal Design Magazine  is pleased to  celebrate Mexican architecture and interior design,  in one of the most emblematic cultural venues in  Mexico City , the National Museum of Anthropology and History, the house that hosted the Noldi Schreck Tenth Edition Awards ceremony. .


As well as to  grant, as every year, independently, the Lifetime Achievement Award , to which is added, in this tenth edition, the award that recognizes the academic career, awards that will be received by the architect and designer  Oscar Hagerman  and the doctor   Louise Noelle Gras, respectively. 


This annual celebration is already  a benchmark for the national creative community , as it brings together  projects of great value and quality developed within the Mexican Republic.

Lorena Vieyra (Founder and director of Vieyra Arquitectos) and Yuri Zagorín (Founding partner of ZDA and President of the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry); who reviewed all the projects behind closed doors and finally delivered 17 first places and 18 mentions yesterday.


We appreciate the support of Formica, Nouvel, Juskani Alonso + Canto + Caravi4, the Anahuac University, México Territorio Creativo and Design Week México, the Félix Solis Avantis y Moor winery.

We present here the award-winning projects.


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