Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Your reservation is guaranteed when your reservation is marked as confirmed and your deposit is received . If, for any reason, we cannot confirm your reservation after receipt, or if house(s) is unusable due to natural disaster or any other reason, rents will be returned to you promptly upon occurrence and the agreement deemed void. 

Cancellation Policy: Full amount refunded minus US$400 per house per rental week fee if notified at least two months prior to stay. Refund when notified less than two months prior to beginning of stay only if the house is re-rented, and then for the amount of new rental minus US$400 per rental week for each house rented.


In the past years Sayulita has experienced incredible growth. Although Sayulita is a small town, there are new homes built every year. There may be construction and construction noise right next door to the unit you are
renting. The clients (home owners) that Sayulita at your Service work for rarely provide refunds based on noise levels from neighbors. Nor does Sayulita at your Service have special knowledge of when and where people will build, BUT IF WE DO, we will of course let you know of this. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience, however we are sure that you will enjoy renting these beautiful homes in the years to come.


You, the renter, agrees to take complete responsibility and liability for any damage caused to the rental property or any items contained therein, by you or anyone you allow into the rental property. When you check in, you will be asked to sign a form and present a credit card and signature even if you have paid with a credit card. This will be used for damages found at check out. Please notify us immediately if you find any damages from previous rentals so that you will not be liable.

Maximum House Capacity

You, the renter, agree to not allow more than the maximum persons for the house you are renting to be in or on the premises at ANY time besides casual visits. There can be no parties or events beyond this maximum without notifying Sayulita at your Service and the owners before. At no time, is it permitted more than the set maximum for the rental home to sleep in the house overnight. Violations of these maximums are grounds for immediate eviction with no refund.

House Changes

At Sayulita at your Service, we do our best to update our website photographs and maintain the information listed on each page. However, because all of our houses are independently owned, there are often changes to the décor and amenities of the house that we have not been made aware of prior to guest arrival... Sayulita at your Service does not take responsibility for any changes in décor or other related house changes. If there are any missing items or services, please notify us immediately so that we can make your stay as pleasant as you had expected. In most cases, you will fine the house better than pictures, or as you expected it. We are always improving our homes!


Very, very few of the houses we rent are equipped with phones. There are plenty of public phones in town, and most foreign cell phones work fine here with Wattsapp and other international texting. We tend to test this with clients at check in. There is a cell phone tower in Sayulita and a cell phone can be purchased just down the street for around $40 usd with 400 free minutes. You may give our office number as an emergency contact.


Most of the roads in Sayulita are dirt with only a few cobblestone and paved sections, though this has changed over the last few years. Sayulita is a hilly town and it is recommended that if you are renting a house on a hill in the rainy season, summer, it is highly recommended that when renting a car you rent a 4- wheel drive vehicle, as all the roads become muddy and bumpy and the hills become very hard to climb. Sayulita at your Service does not accept responsibility for the maintenance or condition of any roads and/or any damage that may be incurred to persons or vehicles traveling on these roads. Please be careful when traveling through these country roads.


The public water in Sayulita is not recommended for drinking. Drinking water will be supplied in the house in large jugs called “garrafones’” if the house does not already have a purification system, which many have.

The public water system of Sayulita is prone to shortages and there are often times when the water stops completely. This most often happens in the spring season before the rains begin, and heavy traffic months. Most houses have conquered this problem by installing large plastic “tinacos” on their roofs to store water up in times of plenty. This system also allows houses to maintain consistent water pressure. In most of our rental properties, the water pressure is either from gravity force from the rooftop “tinaco” or the whole system is pressurized by an electric pump. If your house has an electric pump system and the power goes out, you may lose water services until the electricity returns. Sayulita at your Service does not take responsibility

for water shortages and the loss of water due to town shortages. If there are problems with the water system exclusively in the rented house, then the renter should notify Sayulita at your Service immediately so that we can make the necessary repairs.


Sayulita is subjected to many electrical storms, especially in the summer months. Lightning often causes the power to go out all over town. When this happens the power is usually returned within a few hours.

Sometimes a tree may be blown down and knock over a power line. When something like this occurs it may take more than a few hours for the electric company to make the necessary repairs. Sayulita at your Service is in no way responsible for acts of nature or general power outages. If all houses are out around your rental home, you will need to patiently wait for the power to return. If houses around you still have power, then the problem may be with the electrical system of the house. If this happens, please notify Sayulita at your Service immediately so that we can reconnect the power or find a solution ASAP.


Sayulita does not have public gas lines. Each house is connected to its own refillable gas tank. It is possible that during your stay the gas may run out. This is normal. Either a gas truck will need to come out to refill your tank or the tank will be exchanged for a full one... Some houses have a spare tank with a manual switching device. If you run out of gas during your stay please contact our office immediately so that we can refill or switch tanks. We do our best to always track gas amounts at a house but the gauges are often not perfect.


As you may expect when coming to the tropics, the bugs a recurrent sight for our guests, inside the house and outside. We do periodical fumigations in all our properties but Sayulita is surrounded by nature and sometimes this may not keep them away for too long. This tropical bugs vary from tiny mosquitoes to huge emperor beetles. Also a common sight includes a tropical bug called wood beetle and it looks very similar to a cockroach but this guys live in the garden and are not an appearance for lack of cleanliness.

Accidents and Damages

Just like in your own home, accidents happen. Tiles and other floor or ground surfaces may be slippery, especially when wet. Some of the houses have beautiful views, which also make them dangerous for young children. Many of
the railings have gaps where a crawling child might be able to fit through. Sayulita at your Service nor the property owners are responsible for any accident or harm to renters within the boundaries of the property or anywhere in
Mexico. The renter accepts full responsibility for being aware of their environment and using caution during their vacation.

Problems and Refunds

Please remember that each of our houses is independently owned. If you are with a large group who have rented more than one house, please be diligent in making sure all items stay at their original location. You will be charged
for any missing items, even if they are just next door. Refunds during rental period, for any reason, are at the discretion of the owner. ANY violation of these rental guidelines set above will allow owner or Sayulita at your Service to evict you, the renter, with no refund for days unused.

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